Mental health and housing

Economic Justice Group

Mental health and housing


Angela feels led to explore the relationship between Mental Health and the ability to sustain adequate and safe housing, in order to invoke meaningful change. She takes her cue from BYM Minute 25, 2015: “the housing Minute”, and unforgettably hearing a Friend minister in that meeting saying “this feels like a John Woolman moment!” Recent Quaker Housing Trust statements also spell out the strong connection between wellbeing and having a secure, appropriate home.

Angela sees Economic Justice Group connections with Transition Footpaths awareness work, Co-Housing, Prison Work and Credit Union, especially where these 'interventions' help nurture a 'healthy mind'. Poor quality Mental Health strategy has created greater hardship and lack of ability for a growing number to sustain homes especially when homes are in short supply: lives spiral downwards out of control. These are frequently the least visible members of our communities. So Angela has begun developing links with key players who can put appropriate change into practice such as BCUHB Mental Health team. 

Of particular concern is how liberties are being eroded with recent legislation around 'Mental Capacity' (2005 Act) and Court of Protection powers, whereby vulnerable individuals have little say in how they live and how their money is managed and spent.

Angela Burton