About Us

Economic Justice Group

About Us

In 2015, two economic justice groups were set up in the east and the west of North Wales, where Friends have met to discuss concerns. Some projects commenced and others are being discussed. The two groups have now joined together and will meet regularly. The following ‘purposes’ guide our work:

‘As an Area Meeting interest group responding to the Religious Society of Friends' "call to equality" (minute 36 BYM 2015) we aim:

to seek to increase our understanding of the root causes of social, economic and environmental problems, exploring and learning together as a Quaker group, opening our hearts and minds to new and tested ideas in confronting them,

to assist, within and beyond our group, in the development of Friends' concerns relating to such problems by building up information as a sound basis for action in particular areas,

to disseminate and share such ideas and information in order to help create the conditions in which a culture of change is possible,

where we feel moved and led, to act on our findings to become the instruments of the changes we seek.’

Our work is also influenced by the challenges of climate change as expressed by Minute 36 (2011) ‘Canterbury Commitment’. In our early stages, we have been developing objectives, priorities and ways of working, and aim to network with the wider Quaker world, and beyond. We have obtained grant funding for two  projects and aim to attract more.

We welcome new ideas and members.

Please contact our editor David Mellor (dvmellor2002@yahoo.co.uk) or group convenor Angela Burton (angelabardsleyburton@hotmail.com) for further information.

Other group members:

Mike Clark, Eleri Elliott, Peter Higgins, Martin Hughes, Tricia Jones, Donald Saunders, Helen Still, Frances Voelcker (clerk).

Current areas of work:

North Wales Credit Union Group

Positive Investment policies


Mental health and housing