How can Quakers help?

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How can Quakers help?

Supporting your local credit union is a way our Quaker meetings and their members and attenders can make a difference whilst upholding our testimonies in our own communities in a part of the economic system that can seem exclusive, harsh and remote to many people. 

This webpage hopes to encourage individual Quakers and their meetings to find out more about their local credit union and ask them how Friends can help their work. This might include your meeting opening a savings account with them instead of using the local bank. Your meeting might prefer to know that its money was being put to good use both ethically and locally - and receiving interest! Savings are protected just like bank savings.

Your local credit union may want volunteers for a few hours each week. You might have people with knowledge, experience and skills they need or people who are willing to learn.

Your credit union may need help with marketing their services. Is your meeting house situated where it could be used for a few hours each week as a paying-in facility?

Remember that Friends also may want personal or meeting loans at times - why not consider a credit union loan?

To get started, follow this link below and just enter a local postcode and press search.

If, for any reason, this link does not give helpful results, try phoning the Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL), the umbrella organization for UK credit unions, on 0161 832 3694. They are very enthusiastic and helpful.

If you wish to visit the website of a well operated award winning credit union, visit this link.

Please note that the content of this website was produced by the North Wales Area Quaker Meeting Credit Union Group with the support of Quaker Peace and Social Witness (QPSW), the Quaker UK body who conduct and manage Quaker central peace work both in the UK and in many overseas locations.

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