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New Economy Booklets

(Quaker Peace and Social Witness - QPSW)

QPSW is producing a series of seven booklets on different topics aiming to stimulate discussion on the economy and its future direction. Study notes are provided and local meetings are encouraged to run study groups. So far two meetings in North Wales have groups and it is reported that the study notes are excellent, and the booklets start at a level accessible to all and advance swiftly. Copies of the booklets can be ordered and meetings can register to receive the materials.




February 2017

Since an initial meeting of Friends in North Wales was held in June 2015 to discuss the setting up of an economic justice group, the group has successfully established effective ways of working, developed and supported the growth of a number of projects, which are showing tangible progress, and we are now thinking of ‘next steps’.


As a group we meet quarterly, and in the last quarter, our steps forward included:

  • The credit union group has now launched its national surveys
  • One of the group gave a talk on co-housing to a diverse group at Bangor University
  • Productive talks have been held with Britain Yearly Meeting representatives about positive investments and economic justice strategy
  • A programme of awareness raising and education is now being developed
  • A ‘profile’ is being developed within our area and further afield.


This edition brings together news of growth of our different projects and the spreading of ideas on a number of themes, which in their own ways focus on contributing to change and reducing inequality. ‘Economic Justice’ is a wide area, including social and environmental as well as economic issues, with close links to the full range of Quaker testimonies. Currently we are focusing on credit unions, community carbon reduction, positive investment, co-housing, mental health and housing. We also considering how we can address ‘poverty’, and how we engage with new poverty strategies for the UK and for Wales.


In addition to the practical aspects of establishing and progressing projects; and developing objectives, priorities and ways of working, we are now thinking more about ‘spreading the word’ on economic justice, awareness raising, improving our links with Quakers within the area meeting and beyond, involving more people (Quakers or others), and about the partnerships with other bodies that we will need.


So at this time there is a focus on: planning events, particularly the visit of Martin Wilkinson of the Equality Trust to give two talks in Wrexham and Bangor on 15th and 16th of March on the ‘Spirit Level’; planning talks to various groups; building networks within our area and beyond; as well, of course, as developing the ‘knowledge base’ of our projects. Above all we are working out how to ‘make a difference’; and to do more practical work with people who need support and those who already support them.


This edition includes a contribution by Wendy Jones about the failure of government and how austerity measures are creating problems. Tony Weekes writes about how and why economic information can be limited or misleading, and how any of us (if we wish), regardless of our knowledge or background, can take steps to understand more. Furthermore, we can (and do) of course form study groups around the ‘New Economy’ booklets currently available, to help us to learn together.


As a group we meet quarterly and exchange ideas frequently. We welcome new ideas and members. Contributions of any sort will be very welcome, including writing for newsletters.